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CS0001Universal Navigation Buttons
CS0002Corrupted Access Database Repair
CS0003Real-time ASP Calendar
CS0004DateRange Calendar For Microsoft® Access
CS0005Pop-Up Search Form Template
CS0006Alternate colors on grid rows (ASP)
CS0007ShoppingCart.NET Class (VB.Net)
CS0008DateRange.NET Class
CS0009ProperCase Function VB 6.0
CS0010WebStore - Online Store Application Template (ASP.NET)
CS0011Links to Useful Resources
CS0012Email Cloaking - Spam Prevention
CS0013Microsoft® .NET Framework Re-Distributable
CS0014Recommended Reading For Developers
CS0015DateRange Class VB 6.0
CS0016Follow the Mouse
CS0017Dynamic Drop Down Web Menu
CS0018HTML EMail Merge using Microsoft® Access
CS0019Centralized Error Logging Function with Email
CS0020Equipment Rental Management Template
CS0021Web based Help System Web-App (ASP)
CS0022Desk2Desk Inter-Office in/out Whiteboard (ASP.NET)
CS0023PayPal UserControl for ASP.NET
CS0024Age Function VB 6.0 Using DateDiff()
CS0025Enable/Disable Form Controls with Loop Code
CS0026Client Side Calculations
CS0027Multi Level Pricing (Recursive Data Structure)
CS0028Hierarchial N-Tier Recursive Data Structure (VB 6.0)
CS0029ASP Hit Counter with database
CS0030DateRange ASP.NET Calendar
CS0031Synchronize Remote .mdb Front-Ends Automatically
CS0032ProperCase.Net Function
CS0033Hit Counter Class with Database (ASP.NET)
CS0034TX Text Control
CS0035Alternate row colors on reports with Microsoft® Access
CS0036Desktop Alarm Clock VB.NET
CS0037Calendar Reports (Monthly View) For Microsoft® Access
CS0038Lead Tools Imaging Toolkits
CS0039Real Time Clock (Javascript)
CS0040Add Sounds to button events. ASP.NET
CS0041DataBound Collapsible Menu (ASP.NET)
CS0042Create a Session Database Connection through code (ASP.NET)
CS0043Age Function VB.Net using DateDiff()
CS0044Passing Values between Frames (ASP.NET)
CS0045Calendar Reports (Weekly View) For Microsoft® Access
CS0046Countries Dropdown Combo (240)
CS0047Regions Dropdown Combo (65) Canada & US
CS0048Using Images in a DataGrid (ASP.NET)
CS0049DataBound Dynamic Dropdown Menu (ASP.NET)
CS0050ShoppingCart WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
CS0051Send Email Using SMTP Mail (ASP.NET)
CS0052Microsoft® C# Resource Center (Link)
CS0053SpiderTrap - Spider, Robot and Harvester Blocking (ASP)
CS0054Phone Number Format Function (US, Canada)
CS0055Create a function that returns multiple values.
CS0056Show/Hide Frames using ASP.Net
CS0057Pop-Up Calendar For Microsoft® Access
CS0058Website Traffic Stats .Net App (ASP.NET)
CS0059Graphic Hit Counter display (ASP)
CS0060Database Driven Product Catalogue (ASP)
CS0061Databound Countries Combo (ASP) (240)
CS0062Databound Regions Combo (ASP) (Canada & USA)
CS0063Project Tracking Database & Customer Web Interface
CS0064Using the Windows Registry to store values.
CS0065Centralized OpenReport Function for Microsoft® Access
CS0066Centralized OpenForm Function for Microsoft® Access
CS0067Online Voting/Survey Web-App (ASP)
CS0068Using Cookies to persist user data (ASP)
CS0069Pop-Over Comments/Feedback Form, WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
CS0070Source Code Library Web-App (ASP.NET)
CS0071Calculate multiple Rates by # of Days Function
CS0072Raffle Maker Access Database (MDB File)
CS0073FixQuotes Function (ASP, ASP.NET)
CS0074Pop-Over Calendar WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
CS0075Database Driven Product Listing (ASP)
CS0076Close window on Button Click (ASP.NET)
CS0077DataBound Collapsible Menu (ASP)
CS0078Date and Time Formatting (ASP)
CS0079Disable SmartTags in users browser
CS0080Vertical Scrolling Text Banner (HTML)
CS0081Get the Selected Items from a multi-select Listbox (ASP.NET)
CS0082Hierarchial N-Tier Recursive Data Structure (VB.NET)
CS0083Disable Right Click in Browser Window.
CS0084Using the browser's StatusBar to display custom messages.
CS0085Centralized Error Handling Function with Logfile (VB 6.0)
CS0086User Log-In WebUserControl with Automatic Log-In (ASP.NET)
CS0087Get the Selected Items from a multi-select Listbox (Microsoft® Access)
CS0088Pay Roll - Time Sheet and Punch Card Application Template
CS0089Tracking Record Changes (Audit Trail) with Microsoft® Access
CS0090Online Voting/Survey Web-App (ASP.NET)
CS0091DataBound Dynamic Dropdown Menu (ASP)
CS0092Forgotten Password WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
CS0094Canadian Validation Expressions: Postal Code, S.I.N
CS0095Create an "Add to Favorites" Button (HTML)
CS0096Mouse Roll-Over Effects (Javascript)
CS0097Multiple Question - Multiple Choice Online Questionaire (ASP.NET)
CS0098Hit Counter XML Web Service
CS0099Multiple Question - Multiple Choice Online Questionaire (ASP)
CS0100Enable/Disable Server Controls using a For Each loop (ASP.NET)
CS0101Alpha-Tabbed Address Book for Microsoft® Access
CS0102Multi level pricing using a recursive data structure (ASP)
CS0103Custom Programming and Development Services
CS0104SpiderTrap - Spider, Robot and Harvester Blocking (ASP.NET)
CS0105DataBound Calendar (ASP)
CS0106DataBound Index style menu (ASP)
CS0107DataBound Index style menu (ASP.NET)
CS0108Create a Back Button in HTML
CS0109Databound Shopping Cart (ASP)
CS0110Classified Ads Application Template (ASP.NET)
CS0111Databound Vertical Scrolling List (ASP)
CS0112Databound Vertical Popup Menu (ASP)
CS0113Message Board / Threaded Discussion Forum (ASP.NET)
CS0114Databound Vertical Scrolling List (ASP.NET)
CS0115Using a Dropdown ComboBox for website navigation (HTML)
CS0116Databound Random Banner Rotator (ASP)
CS0117Create XML files from Microsoft® Access or VB 6.0
CS0118Databound Random Banner Rotator (ASP.NET)
CS0119Display Current Time on Status Bar (Javascript)
CS0120Using a DataGrid as a bar graph (ASP.NET)
CS0121Pop-Over Login Form Web UserControl (ASP.NET)
CS0122Pop-Over Login Form (ASP)
CS0123Pay Roll - Time Sheet and Punch Card Application With Web Interface (ASP)
CS0124Display the number of Active Users on your website (ASP.NET)
CS0125Database Driven Product Listing with Paging (ASP.NET)
CS0126Passing a value back from a Popup window (ASP)
CS0127Online Event Registration Template (ASP)
CS0128Display a folders contents on a web page. (ASP)
CS0129Create Outlook Calendar entries from Microsoft® Access.
CS0130Create Outlook Contact entries from Microsoft® Access.
CS0131Website Traffic Stats Application Template (ASP)
CS0132Using ADO Recordset Paging (ASP)
CS0133Web based HTML Email Merge (ASP)
CS0134Validation of a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
CS0135Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP)
CS0136Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP.NET)
CS0137Server Side Real-Time ProgressBar (ASP)
CS0138XML Data Driven Dynamic Product Display (XML/HTML)
CS0139XML Featured Product/Listing Slide Show (XML/HTML)
CS0140Popup Country/Region/City Selector (ASP.NET)
CS0141Real Estate listing website application template (ASP.NET)
CS0142Change Conditional Formating in code (Microsoft® Access)
CS0143Popup Image upload form with Automatic thumbnails (ASP.NET)
CS0144Add MouseOver and OnClick events to a Datagrid (ASP.NET)
CS0145Hierarchal Data Display using a DataList and DataGrid (ASP.NET)
CS0146Alternate Subform/Datasheet row colors (Microsoft® Access)
CS0147Add new item to Combo Box when Not In List (Microsoft® Access)
CS0148Animated Slide In/Drop Down Menu (ASP)
CS0149Animated Fade In/Fade Out Menu (ASP)
CS0150Databound Animated Slide In/Drop Down Menu (ASP)
CS0151Databound Animated Slide In/Drop Down Menu (ASP.Net)
CS0153Pop-Over Comments/Feedback Form (HTML)
CS0154Tabbed Product Display (HTML)
CS0155Dynamically change page content using mouse over events (Javascript)
CS0156Mouse Roll-Over Effects (VBScript)
CS0157DataBound Dynamic Menu using a DataList and DataGrid (ASP.NET)
CS0158Get Selected Items from server side Listbox using Javascript. (ASP.NET)
CS0159Databound Collapsible Grid (ASP.NET)
CS0160Databound Collapsible Grid (ASP)
CS0162Popup Calendar/DatePicker (JavaScript)
CS0163Date Validation Function (Microsoft® Access,VB.6.0)
CS0164Self formatting masked Texbox (Javascript)
CS0165Databound Grid with Subtotals (ASP.NET)
CS0166Client Side Javascript Calendar/DatePicker (ASP.NET)
CS0167Popup Calendar/DatePicker (ASP)
CS0168Realtime Calendar (ASP.NET)
CS0169DataBound Calendar (ASP.NET)
CS0170Corrupted Access Database Repair with Data Extractor.
CS0171Databound Vertical Popup Menu (ASP.NET)
CS0172Database Driven In-Context Search (ASP.NET)
CS0173Dynamic Vertical XML Menu (ASP.NET/XML)
CS0174Create a "Send Link by email" button (Javascript)
CS0175Create a "Print Window" button (Javascript)
CS0176Open a Popup in a new Window. (Javascript)
CS0177Online Event Listing Application Template (ASP.NET)
CS0178Export data to Excel using ASP.NET
CS0179Daily Quote WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
CS0180Online Job Application Web App (ASP)
CS0181Newsletter Signup Web UserControl (ASP.NET)
CS0182Display the character count from a Textbox Control (ASP.NET)
CS0183Create a Wizard style Data entry Form (ASP.NET)
CS0184Dropdown Date Selectors with Validation (ASP.NET)
CS0185Auto highlight the active Control on a Webform (ASP.NET)
CS0186Databound Index style menu using nested DataList controls (ASP.NET)
CS0187Appointment Book WebUserControl (ASP.NET 1.1)
CS0188Dual Mode Banner Ads - Text or Pictures (ASP.NET)
CS0189Slide In Banner Ad (ASP.NET)
CS0190Fade In Banner Ad (ASP.NET)
CS0191Storing User Preferences in the Registry (Microsoft® Access)
CS0192WebEvents: Online Event Registration Template (ASP.NET)
CS0193DataBound ShoppingCart WebService (ASP.NET)
CS0194Databound Vertical Menu with 2 Sub Levels (ASP.NET)
CS0195Using sorting in a Datagrid control
CS0196Multiple Question-Multiple Choice Survey (ASP.NET)
CS0197Storing a DataSet in a Session Variable (ASP.NET)
CS0198Databound Dynamic Vertical navigation menu (ASP.NET)
CS0199Text Box with Popup DropdownList/Combo option
CS0200Inline editing with a DataGrid (ASP.NET)
CS0201Using a DropDownList/Combo in a DataGrid (ASP.NET)
CS0202Using a Client side DatePicker in a DataGrid (ASP.NET)
CS0203Client Side Javascript Calendar/DatePicker (ASP.NET 2.0)
CS0205Online Voting/Survey Web-App with database (ASP.NET 2.0)
CS0206Databound Vertical Menu with 3 Sub Levels (ASP.NET)
CS0210Appointment Book WebUserControl (ASP.NET 2.0)
Featured Widgets
Online Store Application Template (ASP.NET)
WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
Calendar Reports
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Best Polling Tool: Online Voting/Survey Web-App (ASP.NET)

.. this is one site that believes in Customer Service. I had questions, I had answers quickly. No "wait for days", No "buy this and find out". Just courteous and HELPFUL answers. It is refreshing to find a site that really cares about their products and stands behind them! And their products perform as they promote them.
John L.

When I received my ASP.NET E-Commerce application it was for the purpose of marketing my software inventory via the internet. It took a minimal amount of time to launch it and offers host of traffic tracking options for further market study and analysis. Overall an excellent product.
Richard G.

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